My name is Ignacio Mettini Lazzaroni, I’m 16 years old, I’m from Argentina and I’m currently living with the Schmitz-Remberg family. I arrived in Germany on 17th December 2022 at Frankfurt. A difficult point for me was the jet lag, but my host family was waiting for me and they welcomed me quite sympathetically and with a pretzel.

The next day was the final of the World Cup which I was watching together with my family and friends. After Argentina had won I called my family and friends in Argentina to celebrate that, even together and I wanted them to show me the streets of Buenos Aires.

On Christmas we celebrated Tanja ́s birthday during the morning and in the evening we cooked some steaks and opened our presents. During Christmas week I got acquainted with the family grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

For New Year we bought some fireworks for the night and friends from Daniel and Tanja came to us to celebrate and they tasted some treats from Argentina. My shock from here was the food, lots of vegetables and fruits that i used to see though my preference is meat.

Another shock was the weather, it is really cold, rainy and windy here and sometimes both

I visited many places like Marburg, Köln, Zons, Nievenheim, Dortmund, where I went to the stadium, recently I have been to Holland and next week we will have a trip to Paris.

The school is completely different from mine, the structure, disposition of the seats
and the use of technology. Family and friends are really kind and try to make my staying here comfortable as it’s my first time in Europe.

Ignacio Mettini Lazzaroni